i'm not harry jenson

Thriller (debut feature)

Stanley Merse, a true crime novelist, obsessed with his latest book and convinced he is losing his mind, takes a trip to the forest to recover but ends up with a fellow traveller dead and blood on his hands.


Director: james napier robertson

WrIter: james napier robertson

Producer: Tom Hern

Cast: Gareth Reeves, Ben Mitchell, Ian Mune

executive producerS: Alex Chapman, peter chapman, stephanie napier, john robertson, tim wood, sasha wood

Co-producerS: james napier robertson, edward sampson

Associate Producer: rozanne corrick, iain falconer, michael stephens, mike tololi

line-producer: jessica cardiff-smith

Cinematography:  dave garbett

music by: peter hobbs


I'm Not Harry Jenson was  an offical selection at the New Zealand and Shanghai International Film Festivals.

A remarkable result, doesn’t feel like a feature debut but a thriller from the hands of an experienced player... an impressive piece of work...
— The National Radio Film Review