pork pie


A wild length of the country adventure with The Blondini Gang, a trio of accidental-outlaws-come-folk-heroes who go on-the-run in a stolen mini, chasing lost love, and doing their best to stay a step ahead of an ever-growing media frenzy and police operation hot on their tails.


Director: Matt Murphy

Writer: Matt Murphy

Producer: Tom Hern

Cast: Dean O'Gorman, James Rolleston, Ashleigh Cummings, Antonia Prebble, rima te wiata, Matt Whelan & Thomas SAinsbury

Executive Producers: Tim White, Alan Harris

Co-executive ProducerS: Leon Kirkbeck, Charlotte Larsen, Mark Westerby, Tim wooD

Associate Producers: Tim Riley, Kath Raphael

Line-producer: Belindalee Hope

Cinematographer: Crighton Bone

Editor: Jonno Woodford-Robinson

music by: Jonathan crayford



...sleek, kinetic and eye-catching...
— variety